Why publish meeting Abstracts in Retrovirology?

Retrovirology publishes meeting Abstracts as supplements to the journal.  This is a service that we provide to the retrovirus research community. On our supplements page https://www.retrovirology.com/supplements, you can view Abstracts from 10 meetings that have been published in Retrovirology, including the recent

Abstracts from the 17th International Symposium on HIV and Emerging Infectious Diseases (ISHEID) https://www.retrovirology.com/supplements/9/S1.  Occasionally, colleagues would ask me "What are the advantages of publishing meeting Abstracts in a journal like Retrovirology compared to simply publishing the Abstracts in a meeting book?"   There are several benefits.  First, a meeting book is accessible only to meeting participants; publishing your Abstract in Retrovirology provides immediate Open Access visibility and accessibility to your work by all interested colleagues who are unable to attend the meeting.  Second, meeting Abstract books are commonly tossed away and never to be found after the meeting has concluded.  Your published Abstract in Retrovirology is permanently archived in the journal and in PubMed Central.  Years later, if there is a question "who said what, when, at which meeting"; if the Abstracts are published in Retrovirology, the fact that you reported those findings at that meeting first is easily verifiable.  Third, all meeting Abstracts published in Retrovirology are individually tracked for citations in ISI’s Web of Science database (see examples below).  ISI Web of Science monitors the total citations to all of your published work which is then used to calculate an H-index measurement of your citations.  Citations to meeting Abstracts published in Retrovirology are tracked by ISI Web of Science and count towards your total citations and your H index.  Citations to your Abstract published in a  meeting’s Abstract book are not tracked by ISI Web of Science and do not count toward those metrics.  If you search ISI Web of Science, you will find in that database 1256 Abstracts published in Retrovirology.  Below, are a few examples of how your Abstract pubished in Retrovirology would look when tracked in ISI Web of Science. 

1. Title: Hepatitis E: state of the art


Author(s): Dalton Harry


Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 7   Supplement: 1   Pages: 1-1   Article Number: I1   Published: MAY 11 2010


 2. Title: Lessons learned from Chikungunya


Author(s): Rezza Giovanni


Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 7   Supplement: 1   Pages: 1-1   Article Number: I2   Published: MAY 11 2010


 3. Title: Ageing, metabolism and HIV


Author(s): Capeau Jacqueline


Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 7   Supplement: 1   Pages: 2-3   Article Number: I6   Published: MAY 11 2010





















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