JPA publishes its first thematic series, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms


Journal of Physiological
today published the
first installment of its thematic series entitled
and Circadian Rhythms
. With a preface
provided by guest Editor and Editorial
Board Member, Professor Shigekazu Higuchi, Department of Human Science, Kyushu University, Japan.

The article by Waterhouse et al., Daily rhythms
of the sleep-wake cycle
reviews the architecture
of sleep. One successful sleep model identifies two phases,
namely S, a value determined by the length of time awake, and C, a daily
rhythm. The variations in these phases between the elderly, poor sleepers and
during adolescence are examined in this article.

Investigation of the causes of sleep
issues is very burdensome on the patient, requiring stays in laboratory
environments and intensive monitoring.
The review by Hida et al. investigates
and pathogenesis of circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSDs)
, with an aim of identifying less invasive methods to establish a patients circadian

Everyone can appreciate the difficulties
experienced at work following a bad night’s sleep, the review by Takahashi,
sleep for healthy work schedules
, focuses on the timing of sleep in relation to work. Of
particular note is the suggested benefits of regular naps during the working day
and the maintenance of a work-sleep balance in much the same way as a
work-life balance.

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