Monthly Archives: February 2012

Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders moves to open access

      Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders published its first open access articles today with BioMed Central.  The journal was launched by Springer in 2009, publishing research focusing on the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders. The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Joseph Piven, discusses the move to open access in his launch Editorial: “Given the high relevance of the… Read more »


Aquatic Biosystems: Riding the wave

Aquatic Biosystems, previously Saline Systems, was relaunched on Monday with a broader scope to incorporate all aspects of basic and applied research on aquatic organisms and environments. The first articles published today in Aquatic Biosystems include research by Patricia Assuncao et al. on the molecular taxonomy of new strains of Dunaliella, and research by Steve… Read more »


From Baconian to Popperian Neuroscience

    In the first in a series of opinion pieces for Neural Systems & Circuits, David Gamez argues for a greater use of mathematical modelling in order to study the brain (From Baconian to Popperian Neuroscience).   The piece likens the recent technological advances in neuroscience with the development of physics in the 17th century,… Read more »