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HIV infection, the cause of AIDS, has resulted in the death of more than 25 million people worldwide in the last 30 years and, according to WHO, approximately 34 million people are living with HIV. World AIDS Day aims to raise global awareness of the disease.

Leading BioMed Central journals publish articles on all aspects of AIDS, raising awareness of the disease all through the year and contributing to the improved understanding of the biology and transmission of HIV, existing therapies and, quite crucially, potential cures.

Attitudes towards HIV infection and AIDS vary between cultures, gender and age groups. Journal of the International AIDS Society has recently published a series looking at Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the HIV context, and a highly accessed review in AIDS Research and Therapy discusses the attitude towards contraception amongst HIV infected adolescent girls in Thailand.

Humans, as hosts to the virus, could possess the ability to fight back, as several recent publications in Retrovirology illustrate. Liu et al, screened 19,121 human genes to identify over 114 restriction factors that could potentially restrict HIV activity and Woods et al identified HERC5 as a restriction factor that could eventually be used to develop a therapeutic against HIV.

Articles published in BioMed Central journals have impacted significantly towards our knowledge of HIV and AIDS, and will continue to improve our understanding of the virus and disease with the aim of finding a cure for the AIDS epidemic.

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Srimathy Sriskantharajah

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Srimathy Sriskantharajah

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