HIV-1 Keystone Meeting, Whistler, Canada, Mar 26-31, 2012

Eric Freed has asked me to post the following announcement about the HIV-1 Keystone meeting in Whistler, Canada.  I would encouraged interested colleague to attend this meeting or to contact Eric ( for more information.   

Announcing Keystone Symposia’s Meeting on “Frontiers in HIV Pathogenesis, Replication and Eradication”  

Apply for a scholarship, submit an abstract and register for Keystone Symposia’s conference on “Frontiers in HIV Pathogenesis, Replication and Eradication,” which takes place March 26–31, 2012 at Whistler Conference Centre in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.  

 Organized by Alan N. Engelman of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Eric O. Freed of National Cancer Institute at Frederick and John M. Coffin of Tufts University, the conference will: Convene with keynote addresses by Stephen C. Harrison of Harvard Medical School  and Robert F. Siliciano of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on the evening of Monday, March 26 followed by four days of informative plenary sessions, workshops and poster sessions;  Unites themes from HIV pathogenesis, HAART (highly-active antitretroviral therapy) and persistence fields at an unprecedented level;  

 ·         Better understand mechanisms that drive the formation and maintenance of persistent HIV-infected cells;  

 ·         Identify new targets for drug development;  

 ·         Examine mechanisms of HIV-1 drug resistance;  

 ·         Mentor new investigators and under-represented minorities in science communication and research collaboration.   

 The meeting is being jointly held with the Keystone Symposia meeting on “Cell Biology of Virus Entry, Replication and Pathogenesis.” Two plenary sessions and the keynote session will be shared, and registered attendees of one meeting are free to participate in sessions of the other, pending space availability. Short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.  

 Discounted registration rates are available for students, and scholarships are available to students and postdoctoral fellows.  

 Deadlines: Abstract & Scholarship – November 29, 2011 / Late-Breaking Abstract – January 4, 2012/ Early Registration Deadline – January 26, 2012  

 To submit an abstract, register and view the full meeting program, please visit and for an up-to-date meeting flyer, visit     


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