Veterinary Research goes open access with BioMed Central

Veterinary Research, ranked number one in the Veterinary Sciences field with an Impact Factor of 3.58, is now accepting submissions for its re-launch as an open access journal in 2011. It will be published by BioMed Central, on behalf of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

Headed by Editor-in-Chief Michel Brémont, Veterinary Research publishes high quality and novel research and review articles focusing on animal infection, and covers the fields of bacteriology, parasitology, virology, immunology, prion diseases, and epidemiology. Further details on the journal’s scope and policies can be found here.

Veterinary Research will be the flagship title in BioMed Central’s expanding publishing programme in this discipline, and we look forward to publishing the first of many high quality articles with this journal in January.

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