Gregory Petsko in Genome Biology: The first 10 years – a Kindle/iPad ebook from BioMed Central


Petsko ebook coverStructural biologist Gregory Petsko has contributed a thought-provoking and entertaining monthly column to the scientific journal Genome Biology every month since its launch in 2000. To mark the 10th anniversary of Genome Biology this eBook brings together 10 years of Petsko’s columns.

“An addictive series of science OP-ED commentaries using current issues to illuminate issues important in the profession and in the relationship of science to society”
Virginia Walbot, Stanford University

“If only the people who ran our nations had the Petsko combination of wit and sense.”
Sir David Baulcombe, University of Cambridge

“Petsko can always be counted on to leave me with a smile while offering a fresh perspective on issues facing the genome biologist, be they trends in genomics research, scientific interaction in the age of
social networking, science policy in our politicized era, or life science funding.”
Marc S Halfon, State University of New York at Buffalo

“As no other, Petsko knows how to place modern biology into the larger picture of today’s society. A welcome and often brilliant view.”
Alex Griekspoor, bioinformaticist and author of ‘Papers’

“Elegantly phrased, witty, original and always to the point, the Petsko columns set the ultimate standard for fellow-columnists like me.”
Piet Borst, University of Amsterdam

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Update (2nd November 2010)

Free direct download of eBook is now available here (DRM-free)

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Wonderful that you have made this freely available. Less so that it is tied to a propriety hardware platform and therefore not available.

Open Access should be hardware and operating system neutral.

matthew cockerill

Neil – thanks for the comment. We’ve now added links to the .epub and .mobi versions as free downloads.


How free is it that it is not universally downloadable and readable? Maybe just a PDF version from BMC would be the best solution.

matthew cockerill

Orlando, Mooc,
I think you may have missed that at the foot of the above blog post, there is a direct link to a direct download of a DRM-free ebook, in either epub or mobi format.

So it *is* universally downloadable and readable. There are any number of free ebook readers for the epub and mobi formats.

francisco ferrezuelo

Thanks for the epub version. Even owning an ipad it is not enough, since the download is not available from the ibookstore in Spain. And I am afraid it is the only store they allow me to access being here in Spain.

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