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Splicing together collaborations

The recent explosion of publicly available high-throughput data is at least partially responsible for uniting the chromatin, non-coding RNA and alternative splicing fields. This became apparent in the Alternative Splicing – SIG satellite meeting at the recent Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology (ISMB) in Boston, which Genome Biology attended Public datasets… Read more »


Retrovirology Editors attend the IAS Vienna AIDS meeting

Four Retrovirology editors and several Retrovirology Editorial board members attended the recent International AIDS meeting held in Vienna, Austria.  They also participated in the smaller focused HIV-1 Reservoirs pre-meeting symposium.  The editors included Ben Berkhout, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Mark Wainberg and Monsef Benkirane. Top: Ben Berkhout, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Mark Wainberg.  Bottom: Monsef Benkirane, Kuan-Teh Jeang and… Read more »


BioPsychoSocial Medicine announce Ikemi Award winner

Every year, BioPsychoSocial Medicine and the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine present the Ikemi Award in recognition of outstanding research in the field of psychosomatic medicine. This year, at the 51st Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Ikemi Award was presented to Takehiro Nozaki, M.D., Ph.D. (Kyushu University) for his work… Read more »


Non-productive transcription in yeast

Studies measuring mRNA abundance, such as those using microarrays, have often been used as a proxy for transcriptional control of gene expression. However, the quantity of a given mRNA at any time is a balance between its production and degradation. In an article recently published in Genome Biology, Oliver Rando and colleagues at the University… Read more »


The fight against crop pathogens

Oomycetes are single celled pathogens of plants; the most widely-known representative of this class is the potato blight pathogen, Phytophthora infestans, which was responsible for the Irish potato famine in the 18th century. In this issue of Genome Biology, C. Robin Buell and colleagues present the genome and transcriptome of the related plant pathogenic oomycete,… Read more »


First articles published in EvoDevo!

      BioMed Central launches a new open access journal today – EvoDevo. The journal will publish articles providing novel insights into the translation of genotype to phenotype in a phylogenetic context, and promote understanding of the pattern and process of morphological evolution. EvoDevo boasts an impressive international Editorial Board composed of experts in the field of… Read more »