Monthly Archives: May 2010

Seven new Retrovirology editorial board members

Periodically, Retrovirology rotates a portion of its editorial board.  We are delighted to welcome the following 7 new members to our board.  They are Klaus Uberla (Germany), Juan Martin-Serrano (UK), Peter Cherepanov (UK), Carlos Brites (Brazil), Rob Gorelick (US), Shibo Jiang (US), and Rosemary Kiernan (France).  We wish to thank the wonderful services of the… Read more »

Biology Open Access

First articles published in Genome Integrity

Genome Integrity, a new open access journal launched with BioMed Central, published its first articles today. The journal publishes research on all aspects of genome integrity, the cellular processes underlying maintenance of genome stability, and the effects of instability. In their introductory editorial ‘Genome Integrity – a new open access journal’ Editors-in-Chief Predrag Slijepcevic, Prakash… Read more »


Sequence periodicity discovered in human genome

In an article just published in Genome Biology, Charles Hebert and Hugues Roest Crollius of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris have shown the existence of a novel periodicity of nucleotide frequencies in the human genome that may have implications for the positioning of nucleosomes and gene regulation. In their study, Hebert and Roest Crollius… Read more »


Bona fide ancient DNA sequence from Neandertal bone

An article published in Genome Biology assesses the pitfalls of sequencing ancient DNA and presents a new approach for improved identification of ancient DNA sequences. The DNA sequence of extinct species are of enormous value in determining evolutionary relationships to living species. However, ancient DNA from fossil is notoriously difficult to sequence due to the… Read more »


Transcriptional control in flies

In a paper recently published in Genome Biology, Boris Adryan (Cambridge University) and Sarah Teichmann (LMB) have presented evidence that calls in to question currently-held beliefs about how transcription factors (TFs) coordinate gene expression during development to specify the fates of the different tissues in the body. It has been assumed that transcription factors are… Read more »


The Genome Biology 10th birthday special issue

Genome Biology, which has been proudly publishing some of the most exciting research from all areas of genomics for the past 10 years, celebrates its birthday this year. To mark this, we have commissioned a series of reviews from areas of particular interest in the genomics field and from scientists who have helped shape these… Read more »