Monthly Archives: January 2010

Thierry Heidmann lectures in Montpellier

Earlier this month Thierry Heidmann delivered a lecture in Montpellier, France and received his Retrovriology Prize trophy.  Colleagues organized a "lunch buffet" in his honor.  Thierry is pictured with several colleagues below. From left to right: Christian Devaux, Marc Sitbon, Thierry Heidmann, and Monsef Benkirane.


Mobile DNA – novel insights into DNA rearrangement

      In recent years, the impact of mobile genetic elements which can ‘jump’ from one genomic location to another, and in doing so bring about genetic recombination and genome reorganization, has been revealed. A new journal that launches today, Mobile DNA, will publish articles that provide novel insight into the mechanisms and regulation… Read more »


Silence launches with BioMed Central

Silence, a new open access journal covering all aspects of genetic and epigenetic control  mediated by RNA, has launched with Phil Zamore and David Baulcombe as Editors-in-Chief.  Silence is supported by an outstanding international Editorial Board. The first articles published in Silence today cover a range of RNA regulatory areas. Mueller et al describe the… Read more »