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A new method for next-generation re-sequencing of mouse chromosomes

A team led by David Adams from The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and colleagues at the MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit and Case Western Reserve University demonstrate the application of next-generation sequencing to re-sequence whole mouse chromosomes for genetic studies in an article published today in Genome Biology. Currently only a single mouse genome sequence is… Read more »


EvoDevo is now accepting submissions!

EvoDevo, a new open access journal on the hot topic of evolutionary developmental biology, is ready to accept submissions. Topics of interest include comparative gene function and expression, homology and character evolution, comparative genomics, phylogenetics and palaeontology. This soon-to-be launched BioMed Central journal is overseen by co-Editors-in-Chief Mark Q Martindale (University of Hawaii, USA) and… Read more »


BioMed Central opens new Stem Cell Gateway

BioMed Central has recently launched the Stem Cell Gateway, providing easy access to all the latest stem cell related research published across BioMed Central’s journals. The Gateway complements our new journal  Stem Cell Research & Therapy – the major forum for translational research into stem cell therapies – which is now accepting submissions. The Stem… Read more »


David Derse passes away

This morning Maureen Shuh, a former post doctoral fellow with David Derse, wrote me to say "It is with great sadness that I inform you that Dr. David Derse passed away last night.  He had advanced stage liver cancer which was not diagnosed until several weeks ago at which point it was too late.   He… Read more »

Biology Open Access

Postdoctoral position available in Vienna Austria

Retrovirology / Cancer Research / Stanislav Indik, Walter Günzburg  University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria  A four year PostDoc position is available in the Institute of Virology (Department of Pathobiology) at the  University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.  Large body of scientific evidence suggests that a retrovirus that is closely related to the mouse mammary tumor… Read more »


Nomination period open until October 31st for the 2009 Retrovirology Prize

The Retrovirology Prize alternates yearly between recognizing a non-HIV retrovirologist (2009 and odd years) and an HIV retrovirologist (2008 and even years). There can be some discretion on this guideline, exercised from time-to-time by the selection committee. Any individual can initiate a nomination of others or self-nominate. A nomination includes a statement (1000 words or… Read more »

Biology Open Access