Retrovirology stays towards the top in 2008 Impact Factor ranking of basic research virology journals

The Journal Citation Report of 2008 Impact Factors for journals tracked by ISI Thomson was released this past Friday.  Amongst the top four journals that primarily publish basic (as opposed to clinical) original virological research, J. Virol., Virology, and J. Gen. Virol.  experienced small reductions in their 2008 impact factors.  On the other hand, the Impact Factor of Retrovirology has remained steady despite publishing more papers in 2008 than 2007.  Retrovirology is now a half point ahead of Virology, almost a full point ahead of J. Gen. Virol, and more than two points ahead of AIDS Research and Human RetrovirusesJ. Virol. continues to lead the pack.  Of note, Retrovirology remains the only journal out of the five journals listed in the table below that is fully and immediately Open Access.  This means that Retrovirology papers on the day that they are published are entirely accessible for all to read in full text without subscription fee.  Retrovirology is also the only journal that publishes articles on an individual rolling basis.  Your article once formally accepted will be published immediately without having to queue up waiting for other articles to fill up a bi-weekly or monthly issue.


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