Editor-in-Chief of Retrovirology to receive Woodrow Wilson Award

Retrovirology Editor-in-Chief, Dr Kuan-Teh
Jeang has been selected to receive the 
Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association’s Woodrow Wilson Award 2009
early next month, recognising his valuable contribution to the fields of
molecular virology and biology. The Woodrow Wilson Award
for Distinguished Government Service honours alumni who have brought credit to
the University by their current or recently concluded distinguished public
service as elected or appointed officials. 
Previously winners of the Woodrow Wilson Award have included the former
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the former director of the US National
Institutes of Health Elias Zerhouni, and the current US Secretary of the
Treasury Timothy Geithner.


Since 1985, Dr Jeang has been at the National Institutes
of Health (Bethesda, USA).  He has
published over 250 peer-reviewed articles, which have been cited over 11,500
times. Dr. Jeang is the president-elect of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists
in America (SCBA), a recent councillor of the ASBMB, an Academician of Academia
Sinica, and an elected fellow of the AAAS, the ASCI and the AAP.  His research interests focus on the gene
regulation of HIV and how HTLV-1 causes leukemia. In 2004, he and several
colleagues founded Retrovirology.


conjunction with BioMed Central, Dr Jeang is coordinating the upcoming
conference, Frontiers
of Retrovirology – complex retroviruses, retroelements and their hosts
. The
conference, which will be held in Montpellier, France in late September, aims
to bring together leading human retrovirus researchers to review current
progress and to chart future challenges. Frontiers of Retrovirology will
feature internationally renowned speakers, including Dr Robert Gallo, the
co-discoverer of the HIV virus.

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