Inaugural Meeting of the European Society of Virology

On April 24th the European Society of Virology has been officially inaugurated at the City Hall (Campidoglio) in Rome.

Over 150 virologists from several European countries convened for the event which has been hosted by the the Italian Society of Virology, whose President, Giorgio Palù, addressed an introductory welcome. 

The new ESV Society, whose main objective is to foster Virology Research in Europe, has been well accepted and supported by other European Microbiology Society (including FEMS), American and European Virology Society (ASV, ESCV, ESVV, etc..) and European Institutional  entities (ECDC, WHO, EEC, etc..).

Otto Haller has been ratified as first President of the newly established society, whose first meeting will be held at Cernobbio (Como-Italy) on 2010. The Executive Board includes Giorgio Palù (first Vice-President),  Ben Berkhout (second Vice-President), Gabriella Campadelli-Fiume (Treasurer), Bernhard Fleckenstein (Secretary General).

The Inaugural Meeting has been highlighted by Robin Weiss, Albert Osterhaus and Ronald C. Desrosiers lectures. Photos of the event are available at ESV Picasa Album.


Franco Buonaguro

Dr Buonaguro is the Editor-in-Chief of Infectious Agents and Cancer. He is currently the Director of Molecular Biology and Viral Oncology Unit, in the Department of Experimental Oncology at the Natl Cancer Institute “Fondazione Pascale”, Naples - Italy.

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