Monthly Archives: January 2009

Bill Harrington is mourned

I received an announcement (see below) by email this past Thursday (January 29th) on the passing of Bill Harrington.  Dr. Harrington was a colleague who had contributed immensely to HTLV-1 research.  He will be missed. "To all faculty, staff and students of the Miller School of Medicine,  We are deeply saddened to announce that Dr. William… Read more »


Bioinformatics – alive and kicking

Five years ago, Lincoln Stein, then a bioinformatician based at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, predicted that bioinformatics would cease to exist as a separate discipline within ten years. He envisioned that it would inevitably be absorbed into other biological disciplines that would increasingly take computational tools and methods for granted. At the midway point on… Read more »


Genetics Selection Evolution transfers to BioMed Central

Genetics Selection Evolution has recently joined the growing number of journals opting to transfer to BioMed Central’s open access platform. In the inaugural Editorial that opens the journal’s forty-first year of publication, Executive Editor Helene Hayes reflects on the collective sentiment of the journal’s Editors, explaining: “Converting GSE to open access to provide an online… Read more »


VIRUS & IMMUNITY course at ENS Sciences, LYON (Jan 26 to Feb 13, 2009)

Professor Jean-Luc Darlix has written me to tell me about a ‘VIRUS & IMMUNITY’  course that is being organized at ENS Sciences, LYON. The course will  include the latest data on HIV-1 amongst other topics, and will include discussions on the relevant recent literature.  Interested individuals should visit the website: Or you can email Jean-Luc Darlix directly… Read more »


Lignocellulosic plants of possible use for biofuel production

A recent review article [Simmons BA, Loque D, Blanch HW: Next-generation biomass feedstocks for biofuel production. Genome Biol 2008, 9:242] published in Genome Biology highlights the use of lignocellulosic biomass to produce second generation biofuels. Simmons, Loque and Blanch describe how hybrid poplar, eucalyptus, loblolly pine, willow and silver maple could be grown throughout the… Read more »


Epigenetics & Chromatin inaugural print issue

Following the successful launch of  Epigenetics & Chromatin earlier this year, a special print issue containing some of the first articles will be available at the forthcoming Keystone Symposium ‘Epigenetics, Development & Human Disease’ (Breckenridge, Colorado; Jan 5th-10th). Although only a recent addition to BioMed Central’s online open access journals, Epigenetics & Chromatin has already published… Read more »