Epigenetics & Chromatin launches with BioMed Central

Epigenetics & Chromatin, a new open access journal, has launched with Frank Grosveld
and Steven
as co-Editors-in-Chief. The Editors-in-Chief are supported by an Editorial Board comprised of internationally recognized experts in the field of epigenetics.

Based on the positive
response the journal has already received from the community both
Editors-in-Chief are extremely optimistic about Epigenetics &
future.  Frank
Grosveld says “I’m thrilled to be part of the launch, particularly
because this is an open access journal that fulfils the need for a resource
that reflects the breadth of epigenetic research.
positive response by colleagues around the world who have participated in this
venture has been fantastic.
” Steven
Henikoff adds
“The field of epigenetics is at an
exciting stage, one that seems comparable to the field of genetics before the
elucidation of the structure of DNA and the genetic code. We know most of the
parts, but we are still unclear as to how they work together as a system to
faithfully maintain gene expression states. As our understanding of epigenetic
inheritance and chromatin-based interactions progresses, we expect that Epigenetics
& Chromatin
will become a key scientific resource”.

The journal aims to become
a home for research into epigenetic inheritance and chromatin based
interactions and has already made an impressive start in achieving its goal by
publishing two articles from the labs of Elizabeth Blackburn

and Neil Brockdorff.
Please visit the journal website
to read the first articles published and to submit as article
of your own. You can also keep up-to-date with any developments in Epigenetics
& Chromatin
by registering for email alerts.

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