BMC Evolutionary Biology articles featured on SciVee and in Science magazine

BMC LogoThe journal BMC Evolutionary Biology is rapidly establishing itself as one of the top journals in this highly dynamic field.

One recent article from the journal that has attracted wide attention is “Structural analysis of the evolution of steroid specificity in the mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors”,   which has been presented as a PubCast on the SciVee website  by the paper’s lead author, Michael E Baker of the University of California at San Diego.
SciVee’s pubcasts offer a new way to present research findings in which an audio or video commentary on a paper is synchronized to the relevant sections of the text and figures of the published manuscript. The full text of the paper is also available as part of the pubcast, should the viewer wish to explore the research in more depth.
The pubcast format is a great way for authors to explain and draw attention to their research, bridging the gap between them and their readers. As all articles in the BMC-series are published under a Creative Commons licence, authors are free to redistribute their work in this way.

The findings of another recent paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology have been highlighted in the journal Science. In the paper, Vincent Corbel and his colleagues report the unexpected effects that multiple insecticide resistance mutations have on the survival of mosquitoes – with important implications for managing pesticide use and the control of mosquitoes.

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