Neural Development joins the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium


We are pleased to
announce that Neural Development
has joined the Neuroscience Peer Review
(NPRC), enabling the more efficient handling of peer review
between several neuroscience journals. 

The NPRC was
instigated to
reduce the time and effort involved in the peer review of
original neuroscience research reportsUnder the new system,
neuroscience journals with membership have agreed to accept manuscript reviews
from other Consortium journals. By reducing the number of times that a
manuscript is reviewed, the Consortium will increase the speed of publication of research results, and lessen the burden on both authors and
reviewers alike.

To date, numerous neuroscience journals have joined the consortium, including Neuroscience,
and Journal of Neuroscience, with many more, including BioMed Central’s Behavioral and Brain
in the process of joining. 
We hope that by joining the consortium, the already rapid
peer review of Neural
can be further streamlined, to the benefit of authors,
reviewers, editors, and our readership.

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