Government report highlights need for research into cleaner next-generation biofuels

The debate
surrounding the use of biofuels continues today with the publication of the
House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report,
biofuels sustainable?”

In the report,
committee members acknowledge the power of biofuels to cut greenhouse gas
emissions from road transport, but warn that a more balanced policy is needed
in order to minimise wider environmental damage.

The production of
biofuels continues to be controversial. 
There is concern that first generation biofuels, produced from
conventional crops, may even have a detrimental overall effect on the
environment.  However, the development
of next generation biofuels holds great promise.  Research and technological advances are driving a move towards
“cleaner” biofuels, and efforts are concentrated globally on realising the
potential of this expanding field.  The
ongoing research in this area has wide implications for the environment, and is
a topic of huge significance globally.

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