BMC Systems Biology gets off to a flying start – tracked by Thomson Scientific and 50 articles published

BMC Systems Biology is just 11 months old, but has already achieved some impressive milestones.

Not only has it just published its 50th article,
but it has also recently been accepted for tracking by Thomson Scientific and is due to receive an official
Impact Factor in June 2009. The journal is also now indexed by MEDLINE,
BIOSIS Previews
and Zoological Record.

The ‘word cloud’ below, based on article abstracts, gives a sense of the scope of the articles that the journal has published so far.

 Word cloud for BMC Systems Biology

Publications have looked at network modules and patterns, cellular signalling networks, modelling and designing
genetic regulatory networks, cell cycle control and genetic oscillators, cell motility and cell
proliferation kinetics, reconstructing metabolic pathways and networks, metabolic flux analysis, matching gene expression networks to phenotypes, spatial
co-expression and connectivity in the brain, a gene search engine, and a model of the connective
tissue network.

Whether you are working in one of these areas, or in another area of systems biology, you can submit your manuscript online.

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