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What is the economic impact of schistosomiasis? A One Health question.


A recent study in Senegal looks at the financial impact of livestock schistosomiasis, highlighting that loss of earnings and reduced productivity is an outcome of both human and livestock schistosomiasis. A One Health approach is needed to understand the true socio-economic impact of schistosomiasis and to help design multi-sector coordinated elimination efforts.

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Malaria elimination: With innovative tools, it’s possible


Two main methods are key for preventing malaria and these include bed net use and indoor spraying with insecticides. However, with the increased switching in mosquito behaviour from indoor to outdoor biting and changes in biting time (dawn and at dusk) these are not enough as these outdoor mosquitoes are left untargeted. For elimination to be achieved, new and innovative techniques are more than needed to complement bednets and indoor spraying.

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