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Does the jewel of mosquitos come with a price?

Sabedes 15781_lores

‘Beautiful’ is an adjective seldom found in vector-borne disease, not least concerning mosquitos. Yet one photographer has recently highlighted the gorgeousness of a particular genus of the flying insects, the Sabethes. This creature is capable of carrying deadly viruses, and exhibits some unique behaviour among mosquitos, making these pretty specimens worthy of research beyond their appearance.

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Acknowledging extraordinary women in the history of medical entomology


A unique new review published in Parasites & Vectors provides a list of female scientists who contributed to the field of medical entomology, filling a gap in the recognition of their important role in science. The list is long, and here we provide just a few excerpts from the review article, to give you a flavour and entice you to read all the inspiring stories of these remarkable women and scientists. 

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Long-term benefits of bed nets in Malaria endemic areas


That fact bed net use protects users from Malaria deaths, especially children, is no news. But what happens once children grow up and stop sleeping under a net? We know that without bed nets, children acquire a partial immunity that protects them against severe malaria. Hence, it was speculated that protecting children from exposure to the pathegon would raise mortality among them once they were older. A new study sheds light on the matter.

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Parasite trickery


In honor of April Fool’s Day we highlight some of the tricks that parasites play on hosts – not only one day a year, but especially worthy of recognition today