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Why we should reconsider population data for disease control and public health programmes


Accurate population data are crucial for understanding the spread of diseases and for the design, planning and monitoring of public heath programmes and health care services. However, low-income countries can struggle to ensure accurate and quality population data, in the face of complex & focal population changes. In this blog Alex Carlin discusses innovative solutions and considerations that could be applied to health programmes, such as for Neglected Tropical Diseases, to improve disease control and elimination efforts.

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From the wild and the tame – zoonotic parasites


It is a given that humans will always be plagued (excuse the pun) by zoonotic diseases because we have a close relationship with domestic and wild animals and share the same environment. And with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of pandemic-potential zoonotic parasites is a growing concern. A holistic One Health approach could be the best way to control zoonotic diseases (current and emerging). With this in mind, Domenico Otranto, Christina Strube and Lihua Xiao coordinated a Special Issue on ‘Zoonotic parasites: The One Health challenge’.