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Teaching disease ecology – in the time of COVID-19

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In this year’s update to his annual post, Krisztian Magori reflects on his experience teaching his disease ecology class at EWU under a stay-at-home order and celebrates the perseverance and dedication of his students in successfully completing this class and five awesome disease ecology research projects from home despite the circumstances. Hopefully a very unique blog post for history!

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Parasite and vector papers during the COVID-19 publication rush

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The current endemic has changed a lot in academic publishing, resulting in the fast production of large quantities of texts concerning COVID-19 and the drop of related fees. It has made new research more accessible but also increased the risk of letting malinformation get out. One hot topic right now is the repurposing of chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine. While this is a fascinating story filled with questionable presidential health advice, researchers receiving death threats, and possibly forged data, let’s not forget that people still study and write about other health topics … topics like parasites and vectors.

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