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Video blog: The effect of climate change on the fitness of fish and their tapeworm parasites

2017-07-17 13_54_52-How temperature influences the fitness of fish and their tapeworm parasites – Yo

New research published in Parasites & Vectors finds that climate change may negatively effect cold water fish whilst benefiting their parasites. In the study researchers collected three-spined sticklebacks  and tapeworms from both cold and warm water sites in Lake Mývatn, Iceland and measured the growth rates of both species at varying temperatures in a lab environment. Find out more about the research in this video.


Schistosome infections in snails alter snail physiology


Schistosoma mansoni, which causes intestinal schistosomiasis, is known to impact not only human and mammalian health but also the physiology and behaviour of its intermediate hosts – the freshwater snail (Biomphalaria spp). With breakthroughs in genome research, the genome of Biomphalaria glabrata was published in May 2017 (Adema et al 2017) and major proteome work is driving forward our understanding of key proteins involved in this host parasite system.

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Bad news for rainbow trout

comorant eating a trout

Researchers report that the common eye fluke can alter the anti-predator behaviour of its fish host in different ways depending upon whether it is immature or an encysted larvae that can infect a fish-eating bird.