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Football fervour dampened by dengue fever?


  Over a million people from around the world, including 10,000 England supporters from the U.K, are expected to flock to Brazil this summer for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Excitement is mounting as the games are due to kick-off in Sao Paolo next week. The event takes place across 12 cities in Brazil which, like… Read more »


Bug Files – the holiday romance with a nasty bite


It’s nearly summer, and the time when lots of us in the northern hemisphere head off for our holidays in search of sun and fun. While you’re packing for your holiday, make sure you’ve prepared yourself for meeting some of the local insects too, as lots of bugs in popular destinations carry dangerous diseases or parasites.

Because knowledge is power, we’ve rounded up some of the key critters with a nasty bite in our Bug Files. From the North American tick that might give you a meat allergy, to the wide-ranging anopheles mosquito that spreads malaria, they give you an intro to the wildlife you wouldn’t want to meet on holiday.

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