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Highlights of the BMC Series – November 2021

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A novel approach to a plant-based diet unique to sauropod dinosaurs – Importance of data deposition in open repositories – Evidence-based policy suggestions to improve response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 infection on personal protective equipment – Cataloging recently mobile transposable elements in the human genome that contribute to genetic variation and disease – Exploring the benefits of participating in recreational physical activity community initiatives.

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Introducing the BMC Series SDG Editorial Board Members: Gabriel Zorello Laporta

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Dr. Gabriel Zorello Laporta is an Editorial Board Member of BMC Infectious Diseases working as a researcher at the ABC Medical School (FMABC) in Brazil. He is a research biologist looking to understand the long-term effects of anthropogenic activities in the ecology and evolution of zoonotic infectious diseases within a multi-scale framework encompassing bio-social and physical processes in ecosystems, biomes, and biosphere to improve sustainable human persistence in the planet.

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