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Call for Papers! Introducing BMC Oral Health’s New Collection titled “Teledentistry and Distance Learning: Improving Access to Oral Health Care and Education”


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust teledentistry and distance learning to the forefront of policy considerations. Teledentistry supports the delivery of oral health services through electronic communication means, connecting providers and patients without the usual time and space constraints. Teledentistry’s unique ability to connect disadvantaged, rural communities and the home-bound with dental providers makes this method… Read more »

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Natural disasters and violence against children – what does one have to do with the other?


As climate change and natural disasters increasingly and more severely affect human populations, it is imperative that we better understand the social ramifications and implications for health and wellbeing. A study published today in BMC Public Health provides recommendations to improve the design of violence prevention and tailor interventions to natural disaster settings. Author Ilan Cerna-Turoff discusses the importance of his research in this blog.


Call for Papers! Introducing BMC Ecology and Evolution’s New Collection: Environmental DNA and RNA in Ecology

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In the face of global change, greater knowledge of the planet’s past and present ecosystems is more important than ever to manage biodiversity loss and set conservation priorities. A deeper understanding of interactions among living things and their environment is also required to manage ecosystem services and prevent the spread of harmful pathogens worldwide. Fueled… Read more »

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