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Highlights of the BMC Series – April 2020

NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme – Methodological challenges of analysing COVID-19 data – Effectiveness of telemedicine for pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus – Embryonic development of Octopus vulgaris under controlled laboratory conditions – Resistance training for neck-and shoulder pain relief in the workplace

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Does where we live make us lonely?


A study just published in BMC Public Health investigates how the prevalence of loneliness varies between different areas of England, between urban and rural areas, and between the least and the most deprived areas. The researchers find that reporting loneliness is significantly associated with area characteristics. Author Christina Victor tells us more about the study findings in this blog.


Remembering the Caregivers

This month in BMC Nephrology, an article by Shah, et al. investigated the impact of the type of treatment on health quality and caregiver experience in those caring for older individuals on dialysis or receiving conservative care. In this BMC Nephrology blog, Blog Editor Dr. Sumeska Thavarajah discusses how we should not forget the impact of dialysis on caregivers/partners as well as the patient.


Most severe austerity measures in Europe are associated with worse child health outcomes


Austerity measures implemented by European countries after the 2008 financial crisis may have adversely affected child health and wellbeing. The authors of the study published today in BMC Public Health discuss these findings and recommend governments consider policies that prevent the negative consequences of austerity measures in the time of COVID-19.


At 19, am I too young for cannabis? Choosing the ‘right’ minimum legal age for legalized non-medical cannabis


Choice of minimum legal age (MLA) for cannabis use is a critical and contentious issue when it comes to legalizing recreational cannabis. In this blog, the authors of a study published today in BMC Public Health discuss their research which compares later life outcomes among people who started using the drug at different ages and finds that there is merit in setting 19 years as the MLA for recreational cannabis use.


The challenge of misinformation during disease outbreaks


The characterization of misinformation and the social media environment during a fear-inducing disease outbreak may help to improve communication practices in future outbreaks. The authors of a study published today in BMC Public Health look at the content of Ebola-related tweets from the Ebola communication crisis of 2014 and discuss how this is also relevant to COVID-19 today.


Preventing dementia and disability: the association of modifiable risk factors such as financial strain and low income with incidence of dementia and disability in older adults in the U.S.

As the world faces another economic recession, we must support individuals experiencing financial challenges. A study published today in BMC Geriatrics shows that older adults with limited financial resources have a higher risk of dementia, calling greater attention to financial resources as a social determinant of health. In this blog post, the authors of the study discuss the importance of these and other modifiable risk factors in prevention of dementia and disability.