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Still thinking about eating that whole bag of chips?


The Food and Drug Administration’s new nutrition labeling rules kicked in on January 1st, outlining requirements for food package labeling. Changes include enlarged and emboldened calorie information as well as an emphasis on serving size. In this blog, we take a closer look at the guidelines as well as research published in BMC Public Health on nutrition and food labels.


Challenges and Strategies for Making a Smooth Transition from Pediatric to Adult Nephrology


This week in BMC Nephrology, an article by Joslin et al. evaluated young adult patient perceptions of the transition from pediatric to adult nephrology services. In our second BMC Nephrology blog, Blog Editor Dr. Daphne Harrington Knicely explores the challenges pediatric patients can face when transitioning to adult nephrology services and the strategies clinicians can use to overcome these challenges.

Medicine Open Access

Working in partnership with communities: listening to women’s lived experiences to help set research priorities to address the preterm birth epidemic

Health research had traditionally been led by the medical community without input from communities impacted by the conditions studied, but efforts to include the perspectives of these communities have begun to influence how future research is planned. A new paper in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth presents research questions prioritized by women affected by preterm birth. In this blog post, the authors, including both healthcare professionals and community representatives, discuss how they have made their research and funding processes more inclusive of previously unrepresented voices.


“The father is just as upset”: why we need multi-level strategies to support men when a baby dies

Grief over a miscarriage, stillbirth, or early newborn death affect both parents, but most support and research focus solely on the mother. This often leaves fathers to grieve in isolation or try to suppress their grief to support the mother. In this blog post, the authors of a new systematic review in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth summarize existing research on men’s grief and propose a model for understanding the factors that affect it.