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Aging Healthily: Perspectives from the Older Adults on Mindfulness and Exercise

Both exercise and mindfulness practice have been shown to have a myriad of health benefits for older adults, but less is know about why many older adults don’t engage in these practices and how to motivate them to do so. In this blog post, the authors of a new qualitative study, published in BMC Geriatrics, discuss what they learned when they asked a group of older adults about the benefits of and barriers to exercising and practicing mindfulness.


Listening to women’s voices: the experience of of unplanned out-of-hospital birth in paramedic care in Queensland, Australia

While some women end up with an unplanned out-of-hospital birth due to fast labor and a lack of time to access care, other women make decisions to delay planned hospital care due to previous birth experience or interactions with healthcare professionals. The authors of a recent paper in BMC Emergency Medicine have published a new paper in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth exploring these decisions and in this blog post they discuss the perspectives of these women and of the paramedics who care for them and their own reactions to the narratives in the study.


“It made me aware falls can happen”: responses of older adults to tailored audio-visual fall prevention messages

A recent qualitative study published in BMC Geriatrics has shown that falls-prevention promotion messages for older people need to be carefully tailored if they are to be motivating to older people to take action to do something about their falls risk. In this blog post, the authors of the study share insights on the World Café forum approach and the responses of participants to their prototype audio-visual falls-prevention messages.


‘Three’s a crowd’: The triple impact of hearing, vision and cognitive impairment in older people

Cognitive and sensory (hearing and vision) impairments are common in older adults and often co-occur, but clinical assessments of either one in the presence of the other tend to be inadequate or inappropriate to the individual’s condition. A new study in BMC Geriatrics explores the perspectives of persons living with dementia and sensory impairment, along with their care partners, on challenges in receiving accurate hearing, vision, and cognitive assessments.


Highlights of the BMC Series: November 2019


With another month of cutting edge, high impact research, we look back on just a few highlights from articles published across the BMC Series in November.
Patterns of mental health and smartphone addiction • Variation in likelihood of ovarian cancer diagnosis • Association of child abuse and eventual criminal behavior • Identification of cellular electrochemical gradients role in cytoskeleton formation • Self-reported mental disorders and adverse neonatal outcomes • BMC Energy – Call for papers

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