BMC Plant Biology: Best Plant Images of 2015

From fluorescence to flowers to fruit, here are the 10 most beautiful images published in BMC Plant Biology in 2015.

Image1Fluorescence microscopy of trichome heads in tomato. From Bergau et al. The development of type VI glandular trichomes in the cultivated tomato Solanum lycopersicum and a related wild species S. habrochaites


HuangAcid Fuscin detection of nematodes in rice roots. From Huang et al. Biochar-amended potting medium reduces the susceptibility of rice to root-knot nematode infections


Xin LiRust resistance susceptibility in different wheat lines. From Li et al. Article: Wheat WCBP1 encodes a putative copper-binding protein involved in stripe rust resistance and inhibition of leaf senescence


MaTemperature effects role petal number. From Ma et al. Low temperature-induced DNA hypermethylation attenuates expression of RhAG, an AGAMOUS homolog, and increases petal number in rose (Rosa hybrida)


SInghAlexander staining for pollen viability in mutant Arabidopsis. From Singh et al. PATRONUS1 is expressed in meiotic prophase I to regulate centromeric cohesion in Arabidopsis and shows synthetic lethality with OSD1


quiVariant of Petrocosmea flower genus. From Qui et al. Origin and evolution of Petrocosmea (Gesneriaceae) inferred from both DNA sequence and novel findings in morphology with a test of morphology-based hypotheses


BreretonStaining for reaction wood response in willow stems. From Brereton et al. X-ray micro-computed tomography in willow reveals tissue patterning of reaction wood and delay in programmed cell death


BieluszewskiFluorescence image of single protoplasts in Arabidopsis. From Bieluszewski et al. AtEAF1 is a potential platform protein for Arabidopsis NuA4 acetyltransferase complex


X MaDyed leaf vascular cells in drought-stressed wheat. From Ma et al. Identification and comparative analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in leaves of two wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes during dehydration stress


BehrendWild-type mature heather flower. From Behrend et al. “The usual suspects”- analysis of transcriptome sequences reveals deviating B gene activity in C. vulgaris bud bloomers

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