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October 2015: BMC series highlights


Psychiatry: 5-a-day keeps psychological distress at bay This month, research published in BMC Psychiatry shows that eating five portions of fruit and vegetables each day is associated with lower psychological distress. Researchers have long suggested that the complex mix of nutrients present in fruit and vegetables might account for better health and well-being. More recently… Read more »

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Diet and Mental Health: Does food affect your mood?

Fruit and Veg (Flickr_Garry Knight)

The benefits of a healthy balanced diet on physical health are well established. But does diet affect your mental health? In the past ten years research on the effect of diet and nutrition on mental health has skyrocketed, with mounting evidence indicating that diet and nutrition are as important to psychiatry as they are to cardiology. New research published recently in BMC Psychiatry suggests that fruit and vegetable consumption may be associated with reduced psychological distress.

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