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Metropolitan Metagenomics

urban genome

What kinds of microbes are found on the subway? In waterways? Throughout your house? An ambitious, collaborative and dedicated group of scientists aims to answer these questions through examining the complete microbial ecology of different environments by “Mapping the Urban Genome”.

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Quantum leaps in understanding: advancing healthcare chaplaincy research


Treatment of physicial, psychological, social and spiritual suffering are central to palliative and hospice care, but our knowledge of the specific roles and practices of chaplains is still limited. Linda Emanuel and Joshua Hauser discuss the latest article collection on the activities of chaplains and the models guiding their practice, recently published in BMC Palliative Care.

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May 2015: BMC Series Highlights

BMC series highlights

Butterflies and their Curious Chromosomes • Read all about it! Pharmacogenetics in UK newspapers • Conservation efforts aided by new species interaction • Multi-cellular behaviour modelling • Childhood poverty and cigarette smoking • Automated Allen Atlas Annotation

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