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TV in the time of an epidemic: understanding individual social distancing behaviour


This blog was written by Veronica Wignall, Assistant Editor on the BMC-Series Quantifying the benefit of social distancing in a disease epidemic can be difficult, due to the unpredictable nature of individual behavioural responses. However, research at the University of California has demonstrated an innovative solution, using home television viewing as a proxy for behaviour…. Read more »


BMC Microbiology: Review of 2014


As part of the BMC-Series blogs highlighting the best of 2014 it’s time to put BMC Microbiology under the microscope! Our most accessed articles from the year covered a wide range of topics. Daniel Pletzer and Helge Weingart looked at the role ofefflux pumps in fireblight resistance to plant antimicrobials. Co-infections were the subject of this article by Gerhard Walzl and colleagues who studied the host… Read more »