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BMC Developmental Biology – review of 2014


From Aedes aegypti and axolotls to Xenopus and zebrafish, BMC Developmental Biology has had a busy 2014 and below we round up a selection of our highlights of the year. One of our most cited and viewed articles of 2014 was also one of our first with Philippos Mourikis andShahragim Tajbakhsh’s review of Notch signalling in skeletal muscle stem cells. In February Joan… Read more »


Sterile insect technique – next generation pesticides


A new Supplement published in BMC Genetics titled “Development and evaluation of improved strains of insect pests for SIT” explores the environmentally friendly method of sterile insect technique (SIT) that aims to control pests through genetic, not chemical means. The articles included came from a Coordinated Research Project initiated by the Joint FAO/IAEA Insect Pest… Read more »


Cooking skills program brings about changes in food attitudes and behaviors

JMOFA_Ipswich_Participants Cooking #1

Research published today in BMC Public Health by Jamie Oliver’s back–to-basics home cooking skills program (Jamie’s Ministry of Food), shows that participants who completed a 10 week-cooking course, increased their vegetable consumption and cooking confidence, as well as changed their cooking and eating behaviors. In this guest blog, Alicia Peardon, CEO of The Good Foundation and Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia,… Read more »


Multiple Sclerosis: Can lifestyle affect depression risk?


New research published today in BMC Psychiatry has suggested lifestyle factors can play a role in depression risk for people with MS. In this guest post Dr James O’Malley, Research Communications Officer at the MS Society (UK) tells us more about MS and its association with depression. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects over 2 million people… Read more »

Health Medicine

BMC Public Health back from APHA in New Orleans


It is only fitting that the American Public Health Association’s (APHA’s) 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition last month was held in New Orleans, a city which suffered a major catastrophe from Hurricane Katrina almost a decade ago. This year’s theme – “Healthography” – emphasized the significance of how where we live impacts our health and… Read more »


Hand hygiene, cannabis use and dinosaur bones: highlights of the BMC Series in November 2014

image November

How to improve hand hygiene compliance • Zebra seasonal immune system trade-offs • Predictors of onset of cannabis use in males • Anthelmintic treatment response in calving dairy cows • Onset of metal disorders for victims of gender-based violence • How to count dinosaur bones Infectious Diseases: How to improve hand hygiene compliance From the perspective… Read more »

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How to treat severe infections in the ICU


BMC Infectious Diseases is delighted publish a special series entitled ‘How to treat severe infections in the ICU’. The series, commissioned by Dimitrios Matthaiou, has a broad focus and features reviews on everything from diagnostics to antibiotic resistance in the intensive care unit setting. The treatment of Gram-positive bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), in… Read more »