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BMC and the Royal College of General Practitioners

BMC Family Practice will be attending the annual conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners taking place this year from October 3rd – 5th in Harrogate, UK. In addition to attending the ever-interesting range of talks and poster presentations, Executive Editor Christopher Foote is very interested in meeting with researchers and GPs to discuss… Read more »


Enhancing sexual health services through E-health technology

E-health, a relatively recent term in use since the year 2000, has become a global topic with many western national healthcare services viewing extensive e-health infrastructures and systems as central to the future provision of safe, efficient, high quality, citizen-centred health care. The World Health Organization defines E-health as being the cost-effective and secure use… Read more »


Promoting respiratory health in Europe: a lot achieved, still more to do – ERS 2013

BMC Pulmonary Medicine was excited to attend the 23rd Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society  (ERS) in Barcelona on September 7th-11st. The world’s largest congress on respiratory health and disease, with around 10,000 delegates from across the world, aimed to raise awareness of lung health and improve prevention, management and treatment of respiratory diseases…. Read more »


Highlights of the BMC-series: August 2013


Teaching biology is as easy as Pi • Fukushima fallout over butterflies • Probiotics are not to be sniffed at • Bacterial social networks • Image of the month • Farmed salmon make a bid for freedom  • ART and death Bioinformatics: Teaching biology is as easy as Pi An open access, open learning method for teaching bioinformatics uses… Read more »

Biology Medicine Open Access

BMC Pulmonary Medicine at ERS

  BMC Pulmonary Medicine is excited to be attending the European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual congress held in Barcelona, Spain, from 07-11 September. The theme of ERS annual congress 2013 is “Help shape the future of respiratory science and medicine” which places an emphasis on new, innovative approaches to Respiratory Medicine. If you are attending… Read more »


Striving to bring balance to the complementary medicine debate

Is a balanced outlook on complementary medicine research even possible? BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine would like to think so, and would like your help to achieve this. Whatever your stance on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), whether you feel that it is an important part of healthcare that should be taken more seriously, or… Read more »