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What is the best way for a virus to build itself?

By simulating how viruses are capable of constructing their own protective protein coats, researchers reveal that linking several larger segments together may be better than building them piece-by-piece. Genomic information is pretty important stuff, and if you’re a virus you really need to make sure it’s kept safe and sound. This is exactly what the… Read more »


Guest blog: Why I publish Open Access

Joshua Drew, a lecturer in marine conservation biology at Columbia University, offers a personal perspective on Open Access publishing from a researcher’s point of view. Having now moved to a policy of publishing entirely in Open Access journals, he talks to BioMed Central about the benefits that this can bring to researchers wishing to get… Read more »

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Highlights of the BMC-series: November 2012

After a couple of years of careful nurturing, November marks the month that the BMC-series brought home the bacon with the publication of a collection of articles on the swine genome. As well as publishing a variety of research highlights from across biology and medicine, several BMC-series journals now also officially consider submissions that have… Read more »

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