Counting the reasons to visit BMC at the 11th IAB conference

BMC Medical Ethics and BMC Medical Research Methodology are excited to be attending the 11th International Association of Bioethics conference in Rotterdam beginning June 26th. The conference, entitled Thinking Ahead, Bioethics and the Future, and the Future of Bioethics, promises to deliver an interdisciplinary discussion of issues relating to the future of Bioethics while stressing the importance of learning from the past. The conference marks the 20th anniversary of the IAB, which was founded in Amsterdam.

We couldn’t help being entranced by the scrolling text on the website listing reasons to attend the conference, including the following:  

  • Because you want to use your new umbrella
  • Because you have heard there will be around 50 symposia (all of excellent quality)
  • Because the Dutch are allowed to use their mother tongue but they all are convinced that their English is very good and you want to count mistakes
  • Because you like Dutch coffee (in which case you are probably Dutch)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes (but no). Overall, we’re convinced. If you will also be attending the conference, please get in touch with Executive
Editor Adrian Aldcroft, who would be happy to discuss your current research or perhaps joining our Editorial Board over a cup of Dutch coffee.

You will also be able to receive live updates of what we are up to at the conference via our Twitter account.

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