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What does transparency in peer review mean to you?

First attempt at creating a transparent screen effect.

As part of this year’s peer review week celebrations, Alice Meadows (ORCID) chaired a panel debate with Irene Hames (Peer review and publications ethics expert), Andrew Preston (Publons), Carly Strasser (Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation) and Elizabeth Moylan (BMC) on what transparency in peer review meant to them. We hear from Elizabeth on her perspective from the discussion.

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Peer Review Week 2017: Transparency in Review, and other innovations

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At Springer Nature every week is Peer Review Week. Each week our dedicated in-house editorial staff spend thousands of hours co-ordinating the process of peer review, to ensure and improve the quality of the scientific literature we publish and in doing so, advance discovery. We support our Editors in Chief, Editorial Board Members, Section Editors,… Read more »

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Peer Review Week 2017 quiz


Peer Review Week is an annual event that celebrates the vital role that good peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality. This year the theme is ‘Transparency in Review’. Take our quiz to test your knowledge on peer review and the steps being taken to promote transparency.

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Fishy fossils and lemur survival: case studies in data curation


Following the introduction of our Data Support Services pilot we are seeing the first publications at Springer Nature where authors have opted, during manuscript submission and peer review, to take advantage of the publisher’s help in making their data more discoverable. This week these first publications will be published in Nature, and BMC Ecology, with their supporting data being made openly available and accessible through the Springer Nature portal on Figshare.

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