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Who reviews the reviewers?

The problem of fake peer reviewers is affecting the whole of academic journal publishing and we are among the ranks of publishers hit by this type of fraud. This has been covered by Retraction Watch several times, including here, here, here and here, as well as by the New York Times. The spectrum of ‘fakery’ has… Read more »


The challenges of getting your research published when English is not your first language


Research in a new white paper we published last week found that using a trusted editing service increased acceptance rates for papers whose authors’ first language wasn’t English. We take a look at some of the challenges these researchers face, and what publishers can do to help. In academia, competence in writing in English is increasingly… Read more »

Developing World Publishing

How global are you?

Malaria Workshop

Once upon a time, the letter was the fastest and widely accessible mode of communicating information for the majority of the world. And then the internet came and changed (and is still changing) communication for EVERYONE. The internet is certainly changing scientific publishing. In 1665, the first scientific journal, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, was published… Read more »

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The Impact Factor of journals converting from subscription to open access

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This is a post by Stefan Busch, Publisher at BioMed Central, and Gerald Langhanke, Trainee Librarian at ULB Darmstadt – a co-authored poster on the topic is also available. January’s piece about the Impact Factor trend of established journals that had joined BioMed Central’s portfolio of open access publications generated considerable interest. We asked whether… Read more »

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