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Data Notes: Dissecting the most boring buzzword ever

By far one of the biggest concerns around Open Data is not whether we have the technology to enable researchers to make their data open but whether the cultural incentives are in place to make researchers freely share their data. Several publishers have recently started publishing ‘data journals’ or ‘data notes’. Is this latest publishing… Read more »


National healthcare: The modern biomedical lab

Brownstein et al

In 2009 Obama devoted $19 billion to healthcare innovation—innovation that was in its first instance quite rudimentary, the very digitisation of healthcare data. Now as the digitised healthcare data infrastructure grows both in the US and worldwide, what is the next phase of innovation? The answer, from someone who works with researchers, is clear: a… Read more »

Health Medicine

The gatekeepers of the future


The world around us has transformed dramatically in the last 20 years, and the world of science is being shaped by technology. Crowdsourcing and citizen science are made easy by the internet and mobile apps. Article metrics and peer review experiments allow us to challenge processes that have decided science for hundreds of years. Career… Read more »


The diverse world of citation indexing services

Metrics thumbnail

When assessing the impact of a published research article, it might seem logical to look at the Impact Factor of the journal that you find it in. But as journals and scholars have moved online, and citation indexing has been automated, the wealth of information for citation discovery and analysis has vastly increased. Citation counts… Read more »


Announcing new Open Repository client: Laureate International Universities Network


      Open Repository is delighted to announce an agreement with the Laureate International Universities Network to build and host their institutional repository. Laureate is the largest private international network of degree-granting post-secondary institutions located around the world.  The Laureate network comprises over  800,000 enrolled students within 75 institutions in 30 countries throughout North America, South America,… Read more »


Building the Open Access Button

OA button map

Ever felt frustrated by not being able to access a piece of research? In this guest post, Chealsye Bowley, Launch Coordinator for Open Access Button tells us how the Button could help and the work they’ve got in store to make it even more effective. In November 2013 we launched the Open Access Button. The Button is… Read more »

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