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Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods and Open Network Biology – a DREAM partnership

Guest blog post from Gustavo Solovitzky, chair of the DREAM7 conference and the DREAM project, which has partnered with Open Network Biology, BioMed Central’s new open access journal publishing predictive, network-based models. One of the goals of the DREAM challenges has been to task researchers with deducing network models from complex data. On June 12,… Read more »


BioMed Central’s journals demonstrate their impact

The 2011 edition of Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports, released on June 28th 2012, demonstrates the high impact of BioMed Central’s journals with quality publications and the global visibility of research enabled by open access publishing resulting in impressive rates of citation. Altogether, 122 BioMed Central journals now have official Impact Factors, including 19 journals… Read more »

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