Monthly Archives: January 2012

BMC-series journals on track for Impact Factor

BMC Biophysics, BMC Ecology and BMC Endocrine Disorders have all recently been accepted for indexing by Thomson Reuters and are on course to receive their first Impact Factors. We are delighted that these journals have been selected for indexing, joining the many other journals in the BMC series  to have an Impact Factor. BMC Endocrine… Read more »


Citing and linking data to publications: more journals, more examples…more impact?

Since BioMed Central introduced additional data sharing resources for authors and editors last year, there have been a number of further developments in the field that have necessitated an update to our supporting data information. Eight further journals, including Retrovirology, Cell & Bioscience, and Frontiers in Zoology have introduced the ‘Availability of supporting data’ section to… Read more »


Newly published articles in BMC Research Notes thematic series provide best practice of data standardization for neuroimaging and cancer therapy

"Research is all about testing and re-testing ideas, tools, methods and concepts. In the past it wasn’t easy to make available the details of how research was done but today we have the ability to share software, analysis, data, and computational tools” says Open Research Computation Editor-in-Chief and open data proponent Cameron Neylon.   With… Read more »