ZubaBox connects African scientists to open access research

Computer Aid
International highlighted its innovative ZubaBox at BioMed Central’s recent Research
. This unique solar powered Internet hub is a shipping container housing
one computer and 11 monitors with access to the Internet provided via satellite

The ZubaBox was created
to allow Internet connectivity in the vast areas of Africa
that do not have electricity. It has enabled Computer Aid International to
reach the most rural, isolated and poor communities to provide low power
computing solutions. This technology is vital to the development of scientific
research in these regions as free access to open access research is now
available in otherwise unconnected areas.

So far Computer Aid
International has sent two “Boxes” to Zambia
and one to Kenya.

one ZubaBox is 50 miles from the nearest surfaced road. The ZubaBox is used by
medical professionals who want to communicate with specialists in the city, buy
medicine online ready for collection and document patient’s medical history.

In Kenya, the
ZubaBox serves local schools giving hundreds of children valuable access to
online resources andinformation, as well as gaining valuable ICT skills needed
to gain future employment in an ever increasing global market.

you would like to learn more about the ZubaBox, please visit Computer Aid
International’s website – https://www.computeraid.org/zubaBox-solar-internet-hub.asp

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