BioMed Central journals rated highly in latest SCImago journal rankings


The 2009
journal rankings were recently published by SCImago, and established BioMed Central journals
continue to rank highly in their fields. In addition, a number of recently launched BioMed Central  journals appear in the rankings for the first time.

The SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) is a measure of a journal’s impact, influence or
prestige with citation data from Scopus. Unlike the Thomson Reuters impact factor, the SJR weights citations depending on how highly cited the journal is the journal in which the citing article appears, using a variation of the Google PageRank algorithm. The SJR for a given year is based on documents published in the selected journal in the previous three years. Full details on the SJR
algorithm are available here

Highlights in SCImago’s 2009 rankings for BioMed Central journals include:

Behavioral and Brain Functions and BioPsychoSocial Medicine are ranked 3rd and 7th respectively out of 13 titles in the
Biological Psychiatry category.

Biotechnology for Biofuels (SJR 0.296) is positioned 1st out of 79 journals in the Managing, Monitoring,
Policy & Law category and 2nd out of 47 titles in the Energy

BMC Clinical
(SJR 0.194) is placed 4th out of 19 titles in the Histology category.

BMC Emergency
is placed 2nd out of 44 journals in the
Emergency Medicine category.

BMC Medical Ethics (SJR 0.122) is top out of 10
journals in the Issues, Ethics and Legal Aspects category.

Cell Division (SJR 1.437) is ranked 9th out of 257 titles in the Biochemistry
category. The graph to the right shows how the SJR has been steadily increasing
since Cell Division entered SCImago.

Journal of Biological Engineering (SJR 0.57) is 1st out
of 59 titles in the Enviromental Engineering category and 4th out of 87 journals
in the Biomedical Engineering category.

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (SJR 0.083) is placed 2nd
out of 329 journals in the Cultural Studies category. The graph below left shows
how the SJR value has also been increasing at a steady rate.


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