Support solidifies for the U.S. Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPPA)

41 Nobel Laureates and scientists collaborated to show their support for FRPPA, by lobbying Congress thorough an open letter. The legislation seeks to enhance access to federally funded published research articles, ensuring they are made available in an online repository no later than 6 months after publication.

The bill will broaden the reach of scientific data for the benefit of researchers, companies and consumers alike. It is also hoped that the legislation will fuel innovation and entrepreneurship through increased dissemination of ideas, as well as raising the international profile of U.S. originated research.

The bill will bring the U.S. in line with many global research councils’ public access policies as well as complementing the NIH public access policy. Furthermore the legislation would increase the accessibility of research for all higher education institutions regardless of size, propagating research to students who might not habitually have access.

Read the full letter to Congress here for a more detailed view.

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