BioMed Central pedals for pounds – the countdown begins

Help our cyclists in their mad dash to meet fundraising target

In just under a month four members of our editorial team, Helen, Matt, Ruth and Joe will take part in Computer Aid’s Cycle Chile tour. They will tour the Andes in Patagonia in the beautiful Lake District to raise money for the Kenyatta University Programme. During the tour our team will visit lush rainforest, crystal clear lakes and the virgin coasts of the Pacific Ocean around Chiloe Island. However, don’t be fooled, this is no easy ride. Over the six-day journey the team will ride around 375km including many steep ascents!

So how have our colleagues been preparing for the event? Joe cycles 15 miles a day to get to and from work.  Meanwhile, Helen has been running regularly and will be heading to the Highlands shortly to practice cycling on hills. She is also pleased to report that she has managed to give up smoking.

Ruth recently did a cycling tour of Holland, which she describes as ‘200 miles of windy flatness’. In addition, Ruth has discovered spin classes and finds herself strangely addicted. Matt’s just returned from Italy, where he was able to cycle in warmer weather.

Without doubt our Cycle Chile team has the physical training under control but they still need your help to reach their fundraising target. If you would like to make a contribution to this worthy cause, please visit their justgiving page

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