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New BioMed Central Video Interviews

New video interviews have recently been added to the BioMed Central website and offer the opportunity to watch and listen to pioneering researchers share their views on open access publishing and their experience of publishing in BioMed Central’s open access journals. You can now view a video interview with Marcel Hommel, the Editor-in-Chief of Malaria… Read more »

Open Access

PRISM Bends the Truth, as well as Light

The Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) has launched the Partnership for Research Integrity in Science and Medicine (PRISM) Coalition. According to the PRISM website, the coalition exists “to educate policy makers and the American people about the risks posed by government intervention in scholarly publishing.” Ahead of an upcoming vote… Read more »

Open Access Publishing

SHERPA's repository staff and skills document

SHERPA have just released their skills set and description of the common repository roles needed to develop and manage a successful institutional repository. There’s a handy disclaimer just in case anyone starts to get a little depressed as they try to tick off every point on the list: The document is not designed to describe… Read more »


UW-Madison libraries provide seed money for open access publishing

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has become the latest institution to established a fund to support open access publication fees and digital publishing by faculty and academic staff. This fund will be managed by a new Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing (OSCP). The OSCP’s website also includes a wealth of information about open access publishing… Read more »

Open Access Publishing

Yale and open access publishing – a response from BioMed Central

The scientific and medical library at Yale University recently announced that it would cease its BioMed Central membership. Whilst we are disappointed that the library has taken this decision, we welcome the opportunity to clarify BioMed Central’s approach to sustainable funding for open access publishing. The main concern expressed in the library’s announcement is that… Read more »