Stephan Maier & Michael Narodoslawsy

Stephan Maier works at the working group sustainable construction at the Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials and is co-founder of STRATECO OG, a company working in the field of ecological footprinting and optimal technology systems in regional development. He graduated in environmental systems sciences at the University of Graz. He supplemented his experiences in the field of process evaluation with the support of Graz University of Technology and holds a PhD.

Michael Narodoslawsky the former editor of the ESSO who had launched the journal along with Dagmar Fiedler in 2011 was professor at the Institute of Process and Particle Engineering at Graz University of Technology. Before he retired, his field of research was sustainable systems and he led the working group Process Synthesis, Process Evaluation, and Regional Development. He headed the Bioenergy Working Group within the SET-Plan Education Task Force of the European Commission, chaired the Bioresources Working Group of the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia) and held other positions in the field of sustainability. He is the inventor of the ecological footprint (method Sustainable Process Index) and has published a number of papers on sustainability indicators and sustainable regional development.

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